Kicking off the Women’s EURO

Channel 4 wanted a bespoke campaign to promote the Women’s EURO. They wanted to send out the email on the day of the match. The one problem with this was most of C4’s email base open their emails over 24 hours after they have received them, so we needed a way to make sure the message was relevant whenever the reader opened the email.

An email of multiple states depending on when the user opened. Pre, during and post match displayed different CTAs, countdown timers, and a live score. The hero also features ‘Faux video’ a CACI created method of using CSS animation to flick through a series of JPEGs creating a lightweight and high-quality animation without the use of GIFs.

Won bronze at the DMA awards for best use of email.

State 1 – Pre match
State 2 – During match
State 3 – Post match